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Company incorporation and deregistration services

Launch effortlessly with our efficient incorporation services for a swift, compliant business start. We simplify setup complexities for a smooth beginning.

End with ease using our straightforward deregistration services for a clean, compliant conclusion. Trust us for a seamless transition at every business phase.


Bookkeeping service

Experience precision in finance with our expert bookkeeping for flawless records. Our support brings clarity and simplifies accounting.

Minimize errors and streamline audit preparations. Grow your business while we track your finances with care.


Company secretarial services

Achieve seamless compliance with our expert company secretarial services, handling your legal duties.

Benefit from our full-spectrum governance support and stay ahead with our corporate best practices advice. Rely on us for orderly management, giving you the freedom to focus on your business’s expansion.


Tax advisory services

Minimize your tax liabilities and ensure full compliance with our expert tax advisory services, tailored to your unique financial landscape.

Our proactive advisors keep you ahead of regulatory changes, securing your bottom line and positioning you for future fiscal prosperity.


TVP & BUD Government funding consulting service

We simplifies your funding applications with essential document management and strategic business planning.

Our consultancy drives digital transformation and business optimization. Experience a streamlined application process.


Certifying True Copy service

Ensure the authenticity of your documents with our Certifying True Copy service.

As a trusted CPA firm, we provide official attestation for copies of original documents, giving you the confidence and recognition required for your financial and legal transactions.

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What is the deadline for submitting the annual return?

An annual return must be submitted to the Company Registrar within 42 days of the company’s designated return date each year. This date varies among companies; for a private company, the annual return should be filed within 42 days of the anniversary of its incorporation date, except in the year of its incorporation.

The first annual return of a private company formed and registered under the Cap. 622 Companies Ordinance should be filed within 42 days after the first anniversary of the date of its incorporation pursuant to sections 662(1) and (2) of the Companies Ordinance.

Which form is required for the annual return and what are the associated fees?

The prescribed form for the annual return is Form NAR1. The fee for filing the annual return varies by company type; for a comprehensive fee schedule, please visit the Companies Registry fee schedule.

How is the first financial year of a new company determined?

A company’s first financial year begins on the incorporation date and ends on a date specified by the directors that falls within 18 months after its incorporation date, or if no date is specified by the directors, the last date of the month in which the first anniversary of the company’s incorporation falls (Cap 622, sections 369(5) to (7)).

When do I need to have my new HK Company audited?

Under the statutory requirements of Hong Kong, all locally incorporated companies are mandated to submit an Annual Profits Tax Return together with the audited financial statements to the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department (IRD) each year.

The IRD dispatches notifications for Profits Tax Return submissions to all companies on April 1st. For companies that have been recently incorporated, this notification is typically issued at the 18-month mark post-incorporation. There is a stipulated deadline of one month from the issuance of this notice for companies to file their Tax Return. Companies have the option to apply for a filing extension if necessary. However, failure to comply with the submission deadline may result in penalties or legal consequences.

The documentation required to accompany the Tax Return includes the company’s balance sheet, the auditor’s report, the Profit & Loss Account for the relevant period, and a detailed tax computation demonstrating the calculation of the taxable profits or adjusted losses.

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